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In-Home Care Agency

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With so many years of experience we understand your unique needs, as well as your specific demands.
Our compassion and caring is what sets our agency apart from the rest.
We take pride in our personal attention to each individual’s needs.


Companionship, personal services, non-medical and limited routine medical services.
Elder Care Specialists may be either live-in or live-out, night shifts,  full time or part time, and permanent or temporary. 

Finding a competent caregiver can be time-consuming and overwhelming

Meet Dalia's In-Home Care Placement Agency

Our Agency was established in 1998 to help you find the right person to provide quality care for someone you love…
For already 24 years we specialize in the placement of qualified caregivers for the elderly and disabled individuals. We also offer reliable childcare services as well as complete housekeeping to have the work done and worry of your day.

We provide
A full range of services

From Doing Home Exercises and Running Errands at home to Picking up Prescriptions and Shopping for Groceries. See the details:

Help with Personal Care

- Remind to Take Medication
- To Help Getting in/out of Bed
- Assist Walking or Pushing a Wheelchair
- Going up/down Stairs
- Getting Dressed/Undressed
- Taking a bath or shower
- Shaving make up Hair care
- Assist Going to the Bedroom
- Help with Eating
- Other

Help with Household Task

- Preparing Meals
- Washing Dishes
- Making/Changing the Bed
- Doing Laundry
- Vacuuming/Dusting
- Washing the Bathroom
- Washing Floors
- Taking out the Garbage
- Bringing the Mail
- Other

Why Choose Us


Licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Labor


We have a great Liability Insurance


Licensed as Professional Employment Counselor


Licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health


Dalia's In-Home Care Agency is Fully Bounded


24 years of professional experience

Our Current Rates

Per day and up
$ 180+
  • Caregiver
  • Live-in (24hrs)
  • 1 person
*rates are subject to change
Per day and up
$ 220+
  • Caregiver
  • Live-in (24hrs)
  • 2+ people
*rates are subject to change
Per hour
$ 20
  • Caregiver
  • Come and go
  • 8 - 12 hrs
*rates are subject to change
Per hour
$ 25
  • Caregiver
  • Come and go
  • 4-8 hrs
*rates are subject to change

Our Caregivers

Dalia's Agency will make reasonable efforts to recruit candidates meeting Client's job qualifications. The ensures that you receive the finest car available. References are documented and screened. We will perform all necessary checks when client extends a job offer.

Background Check

Criminal record, sexual offender, social security trace, driving record (if driving is part of the job qualification)

Easy Accessibility

Accessible 24-hour answering service as well as cellular phones mean that we are there to respond to your needs

Professional Advise

Free telephone consultations enable us to access your needs. Complimentary home visits are also available as necessary

Our Commitment to You

Dalia's In-Home Care Agency strives to

Provide the highest quality In-Home Care by our dependable, responsive skilled care specialists. Also to provide care to individuals and their families dealing with life limiting illness, allowing them to remain at home with dignity and comfort.
We work to help you balance your family life and career with elder care responsibilities by delivering you up-to-date information and access to important resources, as well as providing a reliable source of support as you move through this labor of love.

For more information

Contact Dalia Makauskas

24/7 care with various shift patterns available to suit all your personal needs. We understand everyone’s needs are different so we offer flexible care plans to meet your individual expectations.
All enquirers are promptly answered and Dalia can be contacted via phone, fax and email.


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